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Gap-fill exercise
By A. Denutte

Todd: Hey, Rebecca, can you talk a little bit about Australia and just your about your home country?

Rebecca: I guess I spend most of my time in Sydney, but one of the things l really love about Sydney is that it's very , so it's an interesting place to live because every day you can meet people from all the and on the bus going to work you can maybe five or six different languages you. You can eat from lots of different places and of course you can talk to people with all different sorts of points of , different . I think it's exciting for that reason.

Todd: So you're saying that Australia is basically a very place. Is this just in the cities or is this all Australia?

Rebecca: Well, to be , that is mostly just the cities. I guess the other really big thing I like about Australia is it's . Australia is a very and beautiful place. It has true , which is not very common in some countries in the world. You can go places and you will see nobody. I really do mean nobody. I love that, so you can go to a and you can be the only person there.

Todd: , speaking of , you know, when you think of Australia you think of the Barrier Reef or maybe the jungles up north or like the in the middle. What have you been to?

Rebecca: Um, I'm really lucky because when I was a my parent took me out of school for a few months and we traveled all Australia in a so I got to see all different kinds of in Australia: , Barrier Reef, mountains, forests, anything, yeah, but most of Australia is so I've seen a lot of .

Todd: If you had to choose, Sydney where you're from, your place in Australia, where would it be?

Rebecca: Mm, that's difficult. Probably with an island and a beautiful . Maybe not too many people but where I could go -diving or . That would be great.

Todd: OK, and where are the best in Australia?

Rebecca: Everywhere. We've got so many you couldn't count them all. Yeah, Sydney has some lovely but most of Australia has a so all the way around you can find a .