Ecouter le document et complétez le dialogue

Gap-fill exercise
By A. Denutte

Lindsay: So we're talking about today. Did you ever go to when you were a ?
Warren: I did. I went to Cub camp, you know like Boy .
Lindsay: OK. Was it during the ?
Warren: Yes, it would always be in the .
Lindsay: And was it for a week or a month?
Warren: I can't recall, it was about a week.
Lindsay: About a week. What did you do at Cub camp?
Warren: We'd do different things. One thing I remember is .
Lindsay: ?
Warren: Yeah, like bows and arrows. So we would have a and we would practice trying to hit the and I was really bad at it. I remember always, it's quite difficult and I would hurt my arm with the bow. But then after we were trying to get the I remember we did as well and I was actually pretty good at that. I figured out how to get a long shot away and I think, I might be lying, but I think I maybe got the longest shot than anyone else.
Lindsay: Wow. . OK, besides were there other games you played or sports you did?
Warren: Yeah, we would learn how to and we'd swim and we'd go on . We learned how to through the forest with a .
Lindsay: OK. Did you learn how to start without matches?
Warren: We did, yeah. We'd use two sticks, rub them and start a .
Lindsay: Wow. What would you guys do at night? Would you play games or have ?
Warren: Yes, we'd always have a at night. We'd sing some songs, Kumbaya, and put on some skits and tell stories but my favorite thing to do at the was marshmallows.
Lindsay: That's the best.
Warren: I'd spend hours trying to find the perfect stick to carve and marshmallows on. Sometimes we'd even make the chocolate smores for the marshmallows.
Lindsay: Yummy. So that food was good, how was the other food?
Warren: I don't have any memories of it being good so I don't think it was very good. We would eat in a mess hall much like yourself and actually I remember getting really one time and my parents had to come and pick me up and I think I got a bit of food .
Lindsay: Oh wow, from the food?
Warren: Yeah.
Lindsay: In camp, wow. OK. Final question, so you were away from your family right?
Warren: Yeah.
Lindsay: Was that or ?
Warren: It was . I remember feeling a little freer and more independent away from my parents, less , less regulations.
Lindsay: You weren't at all?
Warren: No, I never did get . Even when my parents came to pick me up that time when I was sick, I really didn't want to go home.
Lindsay: It's too bad you got food .
Warren: Yeah.
Lindsay: OK, thanks Warren.