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Gap-fill exercise
By A. Denutte

California is best known for its and . The state has nearly 2,000 km of , so the state is known as a surfer's . From the tall that line the coast, you are almost always guaranteed a beautiful of the Pacific Ocean, especially at .

The state is also famous for its giant trees. These trees can to be over 100 meters tall. Some trees are so you can drive a car them. These trees have a long life, for they can live for over 1,000 years. One tree in California is over 2,200 years old.

On the side of California, you will find the Sierra Mountains. These mountains start in and run all the way to , in South America. People usually think of California as a place, but the Sierra Mountains provide a great for both and .

In the Sierras you can find Yosemite National Park. This is by far the most popular national park in California, because it offers a little bit of everything: mountains, high , forests, , great trails, and beautiful everywhere you look.

In California, the weather can be very hot and , so not surprisingly you will find many in the south. These lands are home to many such as , , , , bighorn and .

California is not all terrain. It is also home to large areas of farm land. In fact, California produces nearly half of all the and grown in the United States. For this reason, California is sometimes referred to as America's fruit .