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Gap-fill exercise
By A. Denutte

Mari: Hi, I’m Mari. I’m here with Ron. Ron is from Hawaii. So Ron, what is so special about Hawaii?
Ron: Well, Hawaii is my , but to people not from Hawaii, I think Hawaii is famous for its nice , it's all year ‘round, also it’s known for its . The are very nice. And it’s also known for its hospitality. The people are also very nice.
Mari: So can you tell me more about the ? It’s always ? It never rains?
Ron: It does rain, but often it rains and it's at the same time, so we have a lot of . Hawaii is also famous for .
Mari: That’s nice. Can you tell me more about the ?
Ron: We have on all of the -- all our . There’s many to choose from. And often, some have big , some beaches have small , and you can choose which to go to depending on whether you want to surf in big or you want to swim where there’s no .
Mari: Can you tell me maybe about the in Hawaii?
Ron: We have forests, so there’s lots of animals, like birds, and small animals like : we have Hawaiian and they live in the forest.
Mari: What’s a ?
Ron: , they’re those little mammals from Australia and they were introduced in Hawaii and now they’re wild in Hawaii. They’ve become their own species.
Mari: What do they look like?
Ron: They look like little I think.
Mari: Interesting. Any other interesting animals in Hawaii?
Ron: We have a lot of , wild . We like to go for them and we like to eat them.
Mari: Are there any animals that live in the sea?
Ron: We have nice reefs, so there’s lots of beautiful fish in our reefs and many people like to go to look at our reefs. We also have and in Hawaii.
Mari: Are there any ?
Ron: We do have during the months of March till February I believe. They come from and they come to Hawaii during those months and then they return to .
Mari: Wow, there are a lot of animals that live in Hawaii. Sounds like a place to visit.