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Gap-fill exercise
By A. Denutte

Lisa: Montreal in the summer is beautiful . It's about 25 to 32 degrees. Not very . The days are . The nights are and it is a wonderful place. You can go to Old Montreal which is very European. You can go to Montreal, tons of shopping. You can go to the where you can go whitewater if you want, all in the city of Montreal. With the distance, because Montreal is quite a small city, you can walk, or it's a fifteen, twenty minute car ride wherever you want to go.

Adrienne: Oh, that cool. What about ? What is there to do at night in Montreal?

Lisa: The in Montreal is sometimes even better than the day life. Montreal, because of the French and English , there are different where you can go and get different aspects of Montreal culture, so during the evening in old Montreal it is filled with clubs or very Quebec, French songs and performances. Cafe life in Montreal is very, very important, so you can sit outside in cafes as well as there are many bars. party scene. Great . Then you can also go to Cresent Street, which is a popular street with beautiful bars. The auto racer, Jacques Villeneuve has a bar there, and that's really where a lot of the, a lot of the tourists as well as well as people from Hollywood, a lot of the stars Cresent Street. Also, the restaurants in Montreal are because Montreal is so , you have great food, great food, great food, great food, great food of course.