Ecoutez l'enregistrement et complétez le dialogue

Gap-fill exercise
By A. Denutte

Simon: Hi, Lesie.
Lesie: Hey, Simon. Have you that they're making the episode of the new Star Wars ?
Simon: Yeah, yeah, I about that.
Lesie: Do you like Star Wars?
Simon: Well, the Star Wars that they made 20 years , I really like.
Lesie: Me, too. Me, too.What's your favorite episode of the series?
Simon: Of course, that have to be number two, The .
Lesie: Really, mine is the Star Wars.
Simon: Oh, really! Why do you like it so much? Why is it the best?
Lesie: I think it's the best because the are really, really different. In the second and third one they're kind of, they begin to , but in the first one, they're really different.
Simon: Oh, you mean that each is from the other .
Lesie: Right!
Simon: Yeah, I like the second one better because it's a bit and and the bad guy, Darth Vader, of course one of the most famous bad in movie history, plays a and you know there's the and plus the, you know, the , and the scenes are all a little bit and .
Lesie: I see. Well, my favorite is Leia. Do you know why?
Simon: Well, I'm sure you'll tell me.
Lesie: Well, because she was the first strong I saw in the movies. She was take charge, told everybody what to do.
Simon: Well, she was with girls and boys.
Lesie: Right! Hey, did you have any Star Wars when you were a ?
Simon: Yeah, of course, I had the Luke Skywalker .
Lesie: Oh, I see.
Simon: How about you?
Lesie: Ah, I can't remember. I don't remember if I have any, if I had any but I had the to the movie.
Simon: So can you , can you hymn it a bit of the right now?
Lesie: No, but I can tell you of the dialogue from the first movie.
Simon:So that you can say that you are a diehard Star Wars ?
Lesie: I am a diehard Star Wars .
Simon:Yeah, when I was , me too.