Use THE or Ø

Gap-fill exercise
By A. Denutte

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. If you choose "Ø" click on the letter at the bottom of the page.
Remember :
THE -> specific
Ø-> in general
cakes are made to be eaten !
This is book I bought yesterday.
I think cats are nicer than dogs.
Look ! moon is right above chimney !
I love nature.
I don't like vegetables.
boy who is sitting here is called John.
In England, dinner is served at five.
attic can be transformed into a bedroom..
Translate sentences into French.
pets are not allowed in this hotel.
Where is electric radiator?
I like hat you are wearing.
Look at horses !
He likes fast cars.
She drinks tea for breakfast.
He plays piano.