Fill in the blanks with USED TO

Gap-fill exercise

I football (play)

They at school (sing + neg)

What your parents you at Christmas? (give)

We in Scotland (live), now we in Amsterdam. (live)

He in the afternoons (sometimes, sleep), now he to bed earlier (always, go)

She her homework (do), but now she . (do)

Where to school? (she, go). She to school in Cardiff (go). Now, she to school in Swansea. (go)

My parents tennis (play), but now they golf. (prefer)

How often Canada? (he, visit). there every year? (he, travel). Yes, he his summers in Canada (spend) , but now he at home. (stay)

When my father (work), he at six o'clock every morning (wake up) and he home at half past seven in the evening (always, come). Now he retired (be) and at eight o'clock (get up) and he the newspaper (quietly,read) and time (take) to (enjoy) his breakfast.