Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the gaps with the superlative form of the words in parenthesis.
1- Chinese is probably one of (DIFFICULT) languages in the world.
2- Alaska is (LARGE) state in the USA.
3- Mount Whitney (14,495 feet above sea level) is (HIGH) point in California.
4- Silver Point is John Smith's (LATE) movie...
5- ...but I do not think that it is his (GOOD) one.
6- The Nile is (LONG) river in the world.
7- Jonathan Swift is one of (FUNNY) writers I know.
8- His (FAMOUS) novel is Gulliver's travels.
9- December 26th tsunami in Asia was one of (BAD) natural disasters.
10- Badwater, California, is one of (LOW) place on earth (about 80 meters below sea level)